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Oakwood Basement

Triple Barn Door Wall. Photography by Mark Bealer of Studio 66.
Stone wall with hidden storage. Photography by Mark Bealer of Studio 66.
Close-up of the storage located behind the stone wall. Photography by Mark Bealer of Studio 66.

My clients called me in to assist them with their basement renovation. This space was originally the garage and had been converted to a guest bedroom. When we discussed options for this area in the home, both homeowner’s expressed a need for a retreat within their house. The husband wanted an office he could work from during the day and the wife wanted a retreat for where she could practice yoga. The end result is a combination of both of their desires. There is a TV set that pulls out from the side of the stone wall, that allows them to entertain or watch movies, but it also tucks away. The shelving, on both sides of the stone wall, allows them to stash office supplies, stereo equipment and yoga weights¬† from view. The triple barn door wall adds visual interest. The double barn door section conceals the utility area and the electric panel from the¬† rest of the space.

ECO Rehabarama

ECO Rehabarama
ECO Rehabarama

Nest Designs was hired by a local contractor to design the floor plan for the ECO Rehabarama home they were rehabbing. My design was based on maximizing floor space and creating a distinct look for the interior of the house. Using a barn door to divide two adjacent spaces made perfect sense. No door swing = more floor space. The bright red door also created a dramatic backdrop for the dining area. The paint color is Sherwin Williams SW7590 Red Obsession. Photo by Bealer Photographic Arts.

ECO Rehabarama
Here is a full view of the barn door with the staged dining room. The furniture was loaned by Crate&Barrel.
ECO Rehabarama Office
Here is an image of the home office in the ECO Rehabarama home.