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How fun to have an image of a completed space in a freshome online story!
3. Anchor The Room With Furniture
Working under a budget is often about prioritizing spending. When you’re working with limited resources, you have to spend money where you will get the most bang for your buck. In interior design, that means allocating a large portion of your budget towards purchasing quality furniture.

Furniture is a wise place to spend your money because it will likely last for years. Unlike paint colors that will fall out of style or accessories that will lose their luster after a few years of wear in tear good furniture could last for decades.

It also serves the duel purpose defining a room with just a glance. Once you have a solid bedroom suit for your sleeping space or a sofa and chair set for your living room, half the work is done. You’ll only have to add small touches to pull the room together, rather than trying to create a cohesive space with a bunch of décor items and no center to tie them together.

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Christmas Arrived Early…

Color tools from Sherwin Williams
Color tools from Sherwin Williams

It looks like Christmas arrived a little early here at Nest Designs LLC. Thank you to Sherwin Williams for the awesome color products! I can’t wait to put them to use. The Josef Albers books, Interaction of Color, will get plenty of use over the next few years.

The color tools and prizes were sent to me for a color scheme that I submitted for the Sherwin Williams Pin You Perfect Palette Sweepstakes. To see my color palette entry, please visit my Pinterest page.